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Residential Solar Systems

With electricity prices on the rise, are you sick of paying so much money to your electricity retailer?

Now is the time to switch to solar!

The price of domestic solar panel installation in Western Australia, remains some of the lowest and most-affordable in the world.

With generous government discounts in-play, the time has never been better to secure your energy future, by installing a powerful rooftop solar system to your home.

The team at Solartech even take the hassle out of securing your STC’s, or small-scale technology certificates, delivering point-of-sale discounts to each of our domestic solar clients.

We minimise the paperwork and maximise your Return on Investment or ROI; across our entire range – from 3kW systems right through to the popular 6.6kW range, and beyond.

If you have a portion of shade free roof, either north, east or western facing – own your home or have a supportive landlord – a Solartech solar installation could make a great investment choice for your household.

“Make scary power bills a thing of the past, and make the switch to solar, with Solartech Electrical”

Benefits of going solar include

Reduce or eliminate energy bills

Let the team at Solartech install a premium solar power system for you: designed to suit your individual space and usage requirements – while reducing your bill and quickly paying off your investment.

Boosting property value

Research indicates that the more solar panels there are on the roof, the higher the value of the home – with an estimated increase of almost $6000 dollars per kilowatt of solar energy. 

Reduce your carbon footprint

It’s one of the biggest social movements across the globe today: and with Western Australia’s bountiful sunshine, you can easily and simply ensure that your home or business remains green inside and out.

Low Maintenance

Solar Panels require little to no maintenance, aside from an annual clean when the dust and debris build-up can reduce the energy you can generate.

Generous Government Rebates

There’s never been a better time to hit the switch and go solar. Over recent years, and with government rebates in full effect – the cost of solar has become rapidly affordable. 

The team at Solartech will even take care of the governmental forms and paperwork for you – so you’re left with nothing to worry about.

Solartech’s solar power experts can then best-determine the solar system to suit your home and usage profile; leading to maximum value and ROI from your system, while minimising your grid usage during expensive peak times.

Solar power generation in itself has come a long way over the last decade, driven largely by advancements in solar panel and inverter technology – as battery storage tech quickly catches up.

“Renewables are the way of the future – and we’re here to service the solar energy needs of South West WA”

This means that today’s systems are conveniently low maintenance, more efficient and more affordable than ever before – paying off their initial investment cost in just a couple of years!

By pairing your solar panel and inverter installation with a battery backup system – you’re embracing all that the current technology has to offer and capturing more of the power that you generate during daylight hours, for use when you need it most.

Solartech Electrical in Bunbury offers a range of unique solar systems to suit domestic needs. From simple stand-alone solar panel and inverter installations, to our more advanced hybrid systems, incorporating a cutting-edge battery storage upgrade.

For added flexibility, we can also provide payment plans for approved clients, to help you embrace all the benefits that solar power generation and storage can deliver. 

With more than 5 decades of experience in the electrical services sector, and certified by the Clean Energy Council – you can rely on James and the friendly team at Solartech to secure your renewable energy future, for many years to come. 

So book in an obligation-free chat with the Bunbury solar specialists today, and get the ball rolling on your premium-quality South West solar system. 

“Our friendly team of local installers are ready to help you with a tailored solar solution”

Solar Savings Calculator

Just how much could you save with a Solar Power system?

  • This allows us to calculate how much you will save
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Calculations are based on a north-facing 6.6kw system installed in the Greater Bunbury region, allowing for the standard Synergy Residential A1 Tariff and 3% per annum power bill growth.


Battery Storage

With the introduction of battery storage systems to our range of solar products, Solartech can help you secure your own power supply, day or night, and ensure that the sun never sets on your home or office. 

With a battery system installed, you’ll have the power to save money during peak-tariff times, reducing your bill, and storing the sun’s energy for times when prices are at their highest.

Self-consumption of Solar Generation

Grid Charging and Backup

Online Monitoring

Retrofittable and Flexible


Why choose Solartech Electrical?

Build a Better Tomorrow

Solar and renewable energy sources now play a growing role in supporting Australia’s current and future energy demands. You can play your part in our clean energy future, and in turn, support and protect our beautiful South West region.

More Affordable

There’s never been a better time to hit the switch and go solar. Over recent years, manufacturing efficiencies along with government rebates have made solar energy more affordable than ever. Solar energy just makes good sense for both the environment and your wallet

No Sales Pressure

At Solartech Electrical, we respect you, your home, and your wallet. You’ll be dealing with James Robinson, the owner of the business, and a fully qualified electrician. Jame’s approach is very straightforward: No Tricks, No Bull… And Absolutely No Sales Pressure

Let’s talk about your project?