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Commercial Solar Systems

We know all too well the costs associated with running a business here at Solartech Electrical.

Thinking of going solar? 

With more than 50 years of electrical experience behind the team at Solartech Electrical, you can be sure that we understand the complexities of running an active business, and the costs associated with maintaining a successful enterprise. 

We’re committed to tailoring our commercial solar solutions to individually suit each and every client that we work with. 

We assess both your situation and vision for the future, to ensure that you get the right equipment and the most suitable capacity to offset your power bill; helping your business to thrive in its sector and amongst the competition by delivering ongoing and significant cost savings.

Take advantage of the government’s Renewable Energy Credits or REC’s to fit out your commercial solar system with Solartech – and receive a simplified point of sale discount.

“Give your business a clean and green edge with Solartech, reducing your Co2 emissions today, and maximising your energy potential tomorrow”

What are the benefits of taking your South West business solar?

See a drastic reduction in your energy bills

Boost the value and appeal of your property

Highlight your commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of your business

Enjoy guaranteed system performance and ROI for many years - with low maintenance required throughout

Enjoy the most generous Government Incentives​ on the planet

Quality Assurance

Just like our domestic solutions, a Solartech commercial installation can be designed as a stand alone photo-voltaic with inverter system, or be expanded to incorporate battery storage, and capitalise on daytime sunshine. 

With abundant sunlight in the South West region, it’s an investment case that’s easy to make, featuring attractive ROI, quality workmanship guaranteed and premium yet scalable equipment. 

With the growth of the renewable energy sector well underway, now’s the time to commit your business to the future, and empower your South West business with limitless energy from the sun.

For large-scale commercial systems, from 30kW to 100kW and beyond, using the most reliable solar panels, inverters and battery storage systems on the market – Solartech has got the solution for you.

Our team of local solar installers, operating from Bunbury and serving the entire South West region, are among the best in the business. 

So for a no-obligation quote, and a discussion around the ways we can help you harness the sun’s energy for your enterprise, why wait?

Get in touch with James and the friendly team at Solartech today. 

“Our workmanship is always guaranteed and second-to-none, with dedicated after sales service matched to extensive product warranties”

Let’s talk about your project?